Andrew McKie

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Methionine gamma-lyase, the enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of methionine by an alpha,gamma-elimination reaction and is a member of the gamma-family of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-dependent enzymes, is present in high activity in the primitive protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis but is absent from mammals. Two genes, mgl1 and mgl2, encoding methionine(More)
BACKGROUND The requirement that all student nurses in the United Kingdom will be educated to degree level from 2013 permits a review of the current state of nursing education in university contexts. Recent educational standards for these new programmes (NMC, 2010) allow a liberal, or broad-based, education, with its features of breadth of knowledge,(More)
  • Andrew McKie
  • British journal of perioperative nursing : the…
  • 2004
The concept of the nurse-patient relationship has received extensive analysis in recent years (Armstrong 1983, Liaschenko 1995). In recognising the moral complexity of every nurse-patient interaction (Wurzbach 1999), there is, however, a hint here that the whole nursing enterprise, involving as it does carer and cared-for, extends beyond considerations of(More)
The events of the Holocaust of European Jews (and others) by the Nazi state between 1939 and 1945 deserve to be remembered and studied by the nursing profession. By approaching literary texts written by Holocaust 'survivors' from an interpersonal dimension, a reading of such works can develop an 'ethic of responsibility'. By focusing on such themes as(More)
The increasing use of the humanities in nurse education provides an alternative means of facilitating students' understanding of health issues. In part, this contributes to a critique of rationalist-technological approaches to education where knowledge is reduced to abstract, discernable and measured units. A more communal approach to education recognises(More)
BACKGROUND The Clinical Resource and Audit Group (2002) guidelines emphasise that local policies should make the procedure for deciding and maintaining patient observation levels clear. AIM To investigate the views of nurses, doctors and other members of the multidisciplinary team on patient observation. METHOD A postal survey of all acute(More)
The five-year experience of a group of nursing lecturers teaching the expressive arts within a Scottish degree programme is outlined and discussed. The place of the arts is contextualised within curriculum developments and module content, sequencing, thematic development, mode of delivery, assessment, student evaluation and pedagogical approaches are all(More)
The recent interest in wisdom in professional health care practice is explored in this article. Key features of wisdom are identified via consideration of certain classical, ancient and modern sources. Common themes are discussed in terms of their contribution to 'clinical wisdom' itself and this is reviewed against the nature of contemporary nursing(More)
In the past decade structures and processes for the ethical review of UK health care research have undergone rapid change. Although this has focused users' attention on the functioning of review committees, it remains rare to read a substantive view from the inside. This article presents details of processes and findings resulting from a novel structured(More)