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BACKGROUND Novel prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic strategies are urgently required for malignant melanoma. Ecto-5-prime-nucleotidase (NT5E; CD73) overexpression has been reported in several human cancers. The mechanism(s) underlying deregulated expression and the clinical consequences of changes in expression are not known. METHODS We used RT-PCR,(More)
Autoantibodies to the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDC) are present in the serum of more than 95% of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), the major epitope being the inner lipoyl domain of the E2 component. Immunoblotting suggests a similar prevalence of antibodies to a tightly associated lipoic acid-containing protein, E3 binding protein(More)
BACKGROUND Relapse risk assessment and individual treatment recommendations remain suboptimal for breast cancer patients. In the light of existing preclinical and clinical data, we studied NT5E (5'-nucleotidase, ecto) expression and NT5E CpG island methylation in breast cancer. METHODS We used RT-PCR, qPCR, methylation-specific PCR and pyrosequencing to(More)
This paper proposes the use of the DRAMBORA (Digital Repository Audit Method Based on Risk Assessment), the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE) audit toolkit for digital repositories, as a tool to ensure the preservation capabilities of digital libraries. Digital repositories lie at the heart of digital libraries: ensuring(More)
e11553 Background: Ecto-5-prime-nucleotidase (NT5E; CD73) catalyzes the conversion of purine 5-prime mononucleotides to nucleosides, the preferred substrate being AMP. Deficiency of NT5 occurs in a variety of immunodeficiency diseases and some studies have associated over-expression of NT5E with clinically aggressive neoplastic disease. Here we describe(More)
A copy can be downloaded for personal non-commercial research or study, without prior permission or charge The content must not be changed in any way or reproduced in any format or medium without the formal permission of the copyright holder(s) When referring to this work, full bibliographic details must be given Abstract. The status of the new media,(More)
For securing digital longevity, the processes of preservation planning and evaluation are fundamentally implicit and share similar complexity. Means are required for the identification, documentation and association of those properties of data, representation and management mechanisms that in combination lend value, facilitate interaction and influence the(More)