Andrew Marrington

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Keywords: Xbox one Video game console forensics Network forensics Games Digital forensics NTFS Hard drive a b s t r a c t Video game consoles can no longer be viewed as just gaming consoles but rather as full multimedia machines, capable of desktop computer-like performance. The past has shown that game consoles have been used in criminal activities such as(More)
Keywords: Mobile device forensics Social networking iPhone Android Blackberry a b s t r a c t The increased use of social networking applications on smartphones makes these devices a goldmine for forensic investigators. Potential evidence can be held on these devices and recovered with the right tools and examination methods. This paper focuses on(More)
Keywords: Network forensics Android forensics Instant messaging Privacy of messaging applications Application security testing Datapp a b s t r a c t In this research we forensically acquire and analyze the device-stored data and network traffic of 20 popular instant messaging applications for Android. We were able to reconstruct some or the entire message(More)
—This paper discusses the use of models in automatic computer forensic analysis, and proposes and elaborates on a novel model for use in computer profiling, the computer profiling object model. The computer profiling object model is an information model which models a computer as objects with various attributes and interrelationships. These together provide(More)
Precondition event Happened-before CAT detect a b s t r a c t The construction of timelines of computer activity is a part of many digital investigations. These timelines of events are composed of traces of historical activity drawn from system logs and potentially from evidence of events found in the computer file system. A potential problem with the use(More)
Due to the numerous complicating factors in the field of small scale digital device forensics, physical acquisition of the storage of such devices is often not possible (at least not without destroying the device). As an alternative, forensic examiners often gather digital evidence from small scale digital devices through logical acquisition. This paper(More)
Keywords: Windows RT Tablet Surface Small scale digital device forensics Acquisition a b s t r a c t Small scale digital device forensics is particularly critical as a result of the mobility of these devices, leading to closer proximity to crimes as they occur when compared to computers. The Windows Surface tablet is one such device, combining tablet(More)
Keywords: Bootable examination environment Bootable CD Bootable DVD Hash functions Differential analysis a b s t r a c t In this work we experimentally examine the forensic soundness of the use of forensic bootable CD/DVDs as forensic examination environments. Several Linux distributions with bootable CD/DVDs which are marketed as forensic examination(More)