Andrew Marantan

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A number of methods have been proposed recently which exploit multiple highly-correlated interpretations of events, or of jets within an event. For example, Qjets reclusters a jet multiple times and telescoping jets uses multiple cone sizes. Previous work has employed these methods in pseudo-experimental analyses and found that, with a simplified(More)
We consider a class of biologically motivated stochastic processes in which a unicellular organism divides its resources (volume or damaged proteins, in particular) symmetrically or asymmetrically between its progeny. Assuming the final amount of the resource is controlled by a growth policy and subject to additive and multiplicative noise, we derive the(More)
We describe an experiment in superconductivity suitable for an advanced undergraduate laboratory. Point-contact spectroscopy is performed by measuring the differential conductance between an electrochemically etched gold tip and a 100-nm superconducting niobium film with a transition temperature Tc ≈ 7 K. By fitting the results to Blonder-Tinkham-Klapwijk(More)
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