Andrew Malczewski

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RF MEMS switches provide a cheap and effective way to substantially reduce loss in RF and microwave MMICs. In this paper, progress in building low loss Ka-band phase shifters using RF MEMS capacitive switches is demonstrated. Using a switched transmission line 4-bit resonant phase shifter, an average insertion loss of 2.25 dB was obtained with better than(More)
RF MEMS technology is a new technology that is already finding niche applications in radar and communications systems. Its low power, high performance, and tunability enables potential cost, size, and/or weight improvements in several systems. Emphasis is no longer focused on RF performance, as that aspect is well established. Currently, efforts are(More)
( ) ABSTRACT: An RF MEMs microelectromechanical system variable capacitor has been demonstrated with a 22:1 tuning range, tuning from 1.5 to 33.2 pF of capacitance. This capacitor was constructed using bistable MEMs membrane capacitors with individual tuning ranges of 70:1 to 100:1, control voltages in the 30–55 V range, switching speeds less than 10 mS,(More)
This paper overviews the application of RF MEMS switches in tunable filters as well as circuit developments for bandpass filters covering 110 MHz to 2.8 GHz. RF MEMS have several desirable features, including small size, low power requirements, and low loss. The basic operation of Raytheon’s RF MEMS capacitive membrane switch is described. An overview of(More)
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