Andrew Madin

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Intramolecular Heck reactions of alpha,beta-unsaturated 2-haloanilides derived from azatricyclo[,8)]decanone 5 efficiently install the congested spirooxindole functionality of gelsemine. Depending upon the Heck reaction conditions and the nature of the beta-substituent, either products having the natural or unnatural configuration of the(More)
Fragment-based lead generation has proven to be an effective means of identifying high-quality lead compounds for drug discovery programs. However, the fragment screening sets often used are principally comprised of sp(2) -rich aromatic compounds, which limits the structural (and hence biological) diversity of the library. Herein, we describe strategies for(More)
A detailed examination of the use of aza-Cope rearrangement-Mannich cyclization sequences for assembling the azatricyclo[,8)]decane core of gelsemine is described. Iminium ions and N-acyloxyiminium ions derived from endo-oriented 1-methoxy- or 1-hydroxybicyclo[2.2.2]oct-5-enylamines do not undergo the first step of this sequence, cationic aza-Cope(More)
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