Andrew Mackarel

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The purpose of this study was to examine the role of interstitial collagenases, members of the family of matrix metalloproteinases, in the development of pulmonary fibrosis. The activity, levels and molecular forms of collagenases (matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)-1, -8 and -13), gelatinase B (MM P-9) and its main endogenous inhibitor, tissue inhibitor of(More)
This study sought to determine whether vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-induced permeabilisation of pulmonary endothelium to macromolecules could be related to a permissive role for neutrophil-derived VEGF in neutrophil transmigration. Treatment of human pulmonary artery endothelial cell (HPAEC) monolayers with 1, 10 or 100 ng/ml VEGF for 15 min or(More)
Although neutrophil migration from the systemic circulation involves the beta2- (or CD18) integrin family, the existence of an alternative, CD18-independent route of neutrophil extravasation to tissues has been demonstrated in animal models. The molecular interactions involved in this alternative migratory route have not yet been characterized. The(More)
Introduction The polyamines spermidine, spermine and their diamine precursor putrescine, are normal and essential constituents of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells [l] . They are aliphatic polycations which are positively charged at physiological pH and are among the most cationic small molecules within the cell. Unlike the point charges of M$+ and(More)
It has long been speculated that neutrophils deploy proteases to digest subendothelial matrix as they migrate from the bloodstream. Direct evidence for the involvement of proteases in neutrophil transendothelial migration is, however, lacking. To address this issue we used transmission electron microscopy to verify the presence of continuous basal lamina(More)
Excessive neutrophil recruitment to the lung underlies inflammatory-mediated lung damage in cystic fibrosis (CF). Neutrophils can migrate to the lung using either a CD18-dependent or CD18-independent mechanism. To determine if one of these migratory pathways is preferentially utilized by neutrophils migrating to the CF airways, this study examined the CD18(More)
As one of the first worldwide initiatives provisioning ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) services entirely based on renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydroelectricity across Canada and around the world, the GreenStar Network (GSN) is developed to dynamically transport user services to be processed in data centers built in proximity to(More)
Neutrophil extravasation during inflammation can occur either by a mechanism that requires the neutrophil integrin complex, CD18, or by an alternative CD18-independent route. Which of the two pathways is used has been shown to depend on the site and nature of the inflammatory insult. More recent evidence suggests that selection may also depend on whether(More)
The arising opportunity exposed in this paper is leveraging the capabilities of network virtualization to provide a whole IP Network as a Service (NaaS). Users are offered the capability to customize the policies, the configuration and the management on their allocated virtual network to meet their own requirements. Following the NaaS paradigm, the European(More)