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Economic Reform and the Process of Global Integration
WHEN T H E BROOKINGS Panel on Economic Activity began in 1970, the world economy roughly accorded with the idea of three distinct economic systems: a capitalist first world, a socialist second world,Expand
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Natural Resource Abundance and Economic Growth
One of the surprising features of modern economic growth is that economies with abundant natural resources have tended to grow less rapidly than natural-resource-scarce economies. In this paper weExpand
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The curse of natural resources
Abstract This paper summarizes and extends previous research that has shown evidence of a “curse of natural resources” – countries with great natural resource wealth tend nevertheless to grow moreExpand
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Sources of Slow Growth in African Economies
This paper offers some econometric evidence on the sources of slow growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. The evidence suggests that the continent's slow growth can be explained in an internationalExpand
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The big push, natural resource booms and growth
A simple application of big-push reasoning suggests that natural resource booms can be important catalysts for development in poorer countries. In this paper we present evidence from seven LatinExpand
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Economic Convergence and Economic Policies
Many of the crucial debates in development economics are encapsulated in the question of economic convergence. Is there a tendency for the poorer countries to grow more rapidly than the richerExpand
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Trends in Regional Inequality in China
In this paper, we examine the tendency towards convergence in real per-capita income among the provinces of China during the period 1952–1993. Real incomes in Chinese provinces did not display strongExpand
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Natural Resources and Economic Development The curse of natural resources
This paper summarizes and extends previous research that has shown evidence of acurse of natural resourcesa } countries withgreat natural resource wealthtend nevertheless to grow more slowly thanExpand
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Portfolio capital flows : hot or cold?
A distinction is often made between short-term and long-term capital flows: the former are deemed unstable hot money and the latter are deemed stable cold money. Using time-series analysis of balanceExpand
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