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Introducing ACLED: An Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset
This article presents ACLED, an Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset. ACLED codes the actions of rebels, governments, and militias within unstable states, specifying the exact location and dateExpand
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Climate variability and conflict risk in East Africa, 1990–2009
Recent studies concerning the possible relationship between climate trends and the risks of violent conflict have yielded contradictory results, partly because of choices of conflict measures andExpand
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Peering into the Fog of War: The Geography of the WikiLeaks Afghanistan War Logs, 2004-2009
A team of U.S. political geographers analyzes the secret Afghanistan war logs released by WikiLeaks.org. They offer the chance to examine in detail the dynamics of the conflict in that country. DoingExpand
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Rainfall variability and violence in rural Kenya: investigating the effects of drought and the role of local institutions with survey data
Abstract In the debate about possible linkages between global environmental change and violent conflict, the research is overwhelmingly based on analysis of aggregate data for administrative areas,Expand
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Population, behavioural and environmental drivers of malaria prevalence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
BackgroundMalaria is highly endemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but the limits and intensity of transmission within the country are unknown. It is important to discern these patternsExpand
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Extreme temperatures and violence
Ascribing violence to extreme weather and climate change risks anchoring a modern form of environmental determinism.
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Space-Time Granger Analysis of the War in Iraq: A Study of Coalition and Insurgent Action-Reaction
We investigate insurgent-coalition interaction using the WikiLeaks dataset of Iraq war logs 2004–2009. After a review of existing theoretical interventions on the dynamics of insurgency andExpand
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The Afghanistan-Pakistan Wars, 2008-2009: Micro-geographies, Conflict Diffusion, and Clusters of Violence
A team of political geographers analyzes over 5,000 violent events collected from media reports for the Afghanistan and Pakistan conflicts during 2008 and 2009. The violent events are geocoded toExpand
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The aftermath of an election crisis: Kenyan attitudes and the influence of individual-level and locality violence
Abstract How does violent conflict affect social and political attitudes? To answer this question I pair Kenyan survey and violence data for the time period following the country's December 27th 2007Expand
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Subnational violent conflict forecasts for sub-Saharan Africa, 2015–65, using climate-sensitive models
How will local violent conflict patterns in sub-Saharan Africa evolve until the middle of the 21st century? Africa is recognized as a particularly vulnerable continent to environmental and climateExpand
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