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We present rna22, a method for identifying microRNA binding sites and their corresponding heteroduplexes. Rna22 does not rely upon cross-species conservation, is resilient to noise, and, unlike previous methods, it first finds putative microRNA binding sites in the sequence of interest, then identifies the targeting microRNA. Computationally, we show that(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short RNAs that direct messenger RNA degradation or disrupt mRNA translation in a sequence-dependent manner. For more than a decade, attempts to study the interaction of miRNAs with their targets were confined to the 3' untranslated regions of mRNAs, fuelling an underlying assumption that these regions are the principal recipients of(More)
Regulation of gene expression is essential for the homeostasis of an organism, playing a pivotal role in cellular proliferation, differentiation, and response to specific stimuli. Multiple studies over the last two decades have demonstrated that the modulation of mRNA stability plays an important role in regulating gene expression. The stability of a given(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effects of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) on the low density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor, a cell surface protein which plays an important role in controlling blood cholesterol. Human HepG2 hepatoma cells were incubated for 24 hours with increasing amounts of alpha, delta, or gamma-tocopherol. The LDL receptor binding(More)
LIN28 function is fundamental to the activity and behavior of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells. Its main roles in these cell types are the regulation of translational efficiency and let-7 miRNA maturation. However, LIN28-associated mRNA cargo shifting and resultant regulation of translational efficiency upon the(More)
Athletes are at increased risk of developing soft-tissue lesions of the lower limbs. Although the majority of these will be benign, the differential diagnosis is broad and increasingly, doctors are turning to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a first-line investigation when presented with these sorts of lesions, both to narrow the differential diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Endoscopist-Directed Nurse-Administered Propofol Sedation (EDNAPS) has been evaluated in community settings rather than tertiary referral centers. PATIENTS AND METHODS A hospital-wide prospectively collected database of Medical Emergency Team Calls (METCALL), emergency responses triggered by medically unstable patients, was(More)
The intra-operative histological assessment of fresh tissue can provide valuable diagnostic information and guide surgical management, however, even a limited exposure to standard fixation agents can potentially compromise analysis. Defined handling strategies should exist to facilitate the receipt of all specimens, in their optimal state, by the laboratory.
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