Andrew M. Thomas

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Rapid expansion of wireless technologies has provided a platform to support intelligent systems in the domain of mobile marketing. Utilizing Location Based Services (LBS) and Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) infrastructure provides the transport of real-time, scheduled, location-based advertising to individuals and business. In this paper a(More)
Today there are more than 2 billion alcohol users and about 1.3 billion tobacco users worldwide. The chronic and heavy use of these two substances is at the heart of numerous diseases and may wreak havoc on the human oral microbiome. This study delves into the changes that alcohol and tobacco may cause on biofilms of the human oral microbiome. To do so, we(More)
Composting is a promising source of new organisms and thermostable enzymes that may be helpful in environmental management and industrial processes. Here we present results of metagenomic- and metatranscriptomic-based analyses of a large composting operation in the São Paulo Zoo Park. This composting exhibits a sustained thermophilic profile (50 °C to 75(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the workforce needed by 2030 in 7 surgical specialties to serve a population of 364 million people and to quantify the cost associated with training additional surgeons. MATERIALS AND METHODS A review of the certificates granted in otolaryngology, orthopedic surgery, thoracic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, neurosurgery,(More)
Several millions of kilometres of pipes and cables are buried beneath our streets in the UK. As they are not visible and easily accessible, the monitoring of their integrity as well as the quality of their contents is a challenge. Any information of these properties aids the utility owners in their planning and management of their maintenance regime.(More)
In our exciting world of pervasive computing and always-available mobile internet, meeting the educational needs of students has seen a growing trend toward collaborative electronic and mobile learning systems that build on the vision of Web 2.0. However, other trends relevant to modern students must not be ignored, including data freedom, brokerage and(More)
There is a growing need to facilitate at-home care through development of smart care spaces. Such systems require significant use of sensors, often potentially in very-low-power wireless nodes. In contrast to the logical and numerical nature of sensor data, care is emotional and hence symbolic in nature, and interfaces to care-systems need to respect the(More)