Andrew M. Steiner

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UNLABELLED The structure, assembly, and function of the bacterial flagellum involves about 60 different proteins, many of which are selectively secreted via a specific type III secretion system (T3SS) (J. Frye et al., J. Bacteriol. 188:2233-2243, 2006). The T3SS is reported to secrete proteins at rates of up to 10,000 amino acid residues per second. In this(More)
The yeast Mcm1 protein is a member of the MADS box family of transcriptional regulatory factors, a class of DNA-binding proteins that control numerous cellular and developmental processes in yeast, Drosophila melanogaster, plants, and mammals. Although these proteins bind DNA on their own, they often combine with different cofactors to bind with increased(More)
The oxidative folding of large polypeptides has been investigated in detail; however, comparatively little is known about the enzyme-assisted folding of small, disulfide-containing peptide substrates. To investigate the concerted effect of multiple enzymes on the folding of small disulfide-rich peptides, we sequenced and expressed protein-disulfide(More)
locker ve rbgnde r t e Cellulosefibrillen wachsen , die s u c h die eigent l iche Zelle ke lchar t ig umfas sen . Die Fibri l len ve r lgngern sich einseitig. Es lassen sich dahe r hier wachsende Spi tzen yon Cellulosefibril len e lek t ronenmikroskop i sch analys ieren . Sie ve r j ~ngen s ich; ihre fibrill~ren Un te r e inhe i t en (Durchmesse r t 3 rim)(More)
MCM1 is an essential gene in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is a member of the MADS-box family of transcriptional regulatory factors. To understand the nature of the protein-DNA interactions of this class of proteins, we have made a series of alanine substitutions in the DNA-binding domain of Mcm1 and examined the effects of these mutations in vivo(More)
The oxidative folding of small, cysteine-rich peptides to selectively achieve the native disulfide bond connectivities is critical for discovery and structure-function studies of many bioactive peptides. As the propensity to acquire the native conformation greatly depends on the peptide sequence, numerous empirical oxidation methods are employed. The(More)
Einleitung Die En twick lung t ines lebendigen Sys tems hi~ngt yon seiner genet ischen Kons t i t u t ion und seiner Umwel t ab. Die j eweilige Modif ika t ion innerha lb der genet isch mSglichen Reak t ionsb re i t e des Sys tems wird du tch die Umwel t~ak toren festgelegt . I n den meis ten entwicklungsphysiologisehen Arbe i t en wird der Einf lu~(More)
finder. HARTMANN [2] benutz te bet seinen Untersuchungen fiber relative Sexualit~it diese , ,Gruppenbi ldung" als Indiz ffir die nachfolgende Kopula t ion von Gameten. 2. Chemotaxis. Wird eine Suspension m~nnlicher Gameten in eine Kapillare eingeffihrt und deren eines Ende der Wirkung des Weibchengases ausgesetzt, dos andere jedoch nicht, so sammeln sich(More)
Serine recombinases promote specific DNA rearrangements by a cut-and-paste mechanism that involves cleavage of all four DNA strands at two sites recognized by the enzyme. Dissecting the order and timing of these cleavage events and the steps leading up to them is difficult because the cleavage reaction is readily reversible. Here, we describe assays using(More)