Andrew M. Smith

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Next-generation DNA sequencing technologies have revolutionized diverse genomics applications, including de novo genome sequencing, SNP detection, chromatin immunoprecipitation, and transcriptome analysis. Here we apply deep sequencing to genome-scale fitness profiling to evaluate yeast strain collections in parallel. This method, Barcode analysis by(More)
Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are tiny light-emitting particles on the nanometer scale, and are emerging as a new class of fluorescent labels for biology and medicine. In comparison with organic dyes and fluorescent proteins, they have unique optical and electronic properties, with size-tunable light emission, superior signal brightness, resistance to(More)
The cause of Crohn's disease (CD) remains poorly understood. Counterintuitively, these patients possess an impaired acute inflammatory response, which could result in delayed clearance of bacteria penetrating the lining of the bowel and predispose to granuloma formation and chronicity. We tested this hypothesis in human subjects by monitoring responses to(More)
BACKGROUND In a previous study we reported an 85% R1 rate for pancreatic cancer following the use of the rigorous, fully standardized Leeds Pathology Protocol (LEEPP). As this significantly exceeded R1 rates observed by others, we investigated the reproducibility of margin assessment using the LEEPP in a larger, prospective, observational cohort study and(More)
The effect of decanoate forms of flupenthixol and haloperidol on cocaine self-administration was evaluated. Forty-two male Wistar rats were implanted with chronically indwelling jugular cannulae and trained to self-administer cocaine (0.6 mg/inj) either on a fixed ratio (FR) 1 schedule or a progressive ratio (PR) schedule. After a stable response pattern(More)
BACKGROUND Diisocyanate asthma (DA) affects 2% to 10% of exposed workers, yet the pathogenetic mechanisms underlying this disorder remain ill defined. OBJECTIVE To determine if specific single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of interleukin 4 receptor alpha (IL4RA), IL-13, and CD14 promoter genes are associated with DA. METHODS Sixty-two workers with DA(More)
Nanometer-sized particles, such as semiconductor quantum dots and iron oxide nanocrystals, have novel optical, electronic, magnetic or structural properties that are not available from either molecules or bulk solids. When linked with tumor-targeting ligands, such as monoclonal antibodies, peptide fragments of tumor-specific proteins or small molecules,(More)
1. Cowpox virus is an endemic virus circulating in populations of wild rodents. It has been implicated as a potential cause of population cycles in field voles Microtus agrestis L., in Britain, owing to a delayed density-dependent pattern in prevalence, but its impact on field vole demographic parameters is unknown. This study tests the hypothesis that wild(More)
The UCSC Archaeal Genome Browser ( offers a graphical web-based resource for exploration and discovery within archaeal and other selected microbial genomes. By bringing together existing gene annotations, gene expression data, multiple-genome alignments, pre-computed sequence comparisons and other specialized analysis tracks, the(More)