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Synergy between HIV and malaria is being increasingly recognized. We examined the antimalarial activity of sera from subjects receiving chloroquine, no drugs or HAART. Sera from subjects taking ritonavir-boosted saquinavir or lopinavir significantly inhibited parasite growth (median of 55 and 69% inhibition, respectively). These results indicate that(More)
CD103⁺ dermal dendritic cells (dDCs) are a recently described DC subset of the skin shown to be the principal migratory DCs capable of efficiently cross-presenting antigens and activating CD8⁺ T cells. Harnessing their activity would promote vaccine efficacy, but it has been unclear how this can be achieved. We tested a panel of adjuvants for their ability(More)
Multiple factors influence the outcome of fungal infection of the central nervous system (CNS). The host and the pathogen in concert with drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier and drug activity are key factors in outcome. Drug costs can be prohibitively expensive. Drug toxicity with standard antifungal agents such as amphotericin B (infusion rate(More)
Identifi cation of novel Hsp65 RFLPs for Mycobacterium leprae. To the Editor: Tongue scraping is advocated as a therapy for managing halitosis and as a technique for preventing dental caries by reducing bacterial counts in the mouth (1). The practice has been in existence for centuries (2). A Cochrane review has concluded that tongue cleaning is marginally(More)
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