Andrew M Ravanelli

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An essential feature of vertebrate neural development is ensheathment of axons with myelin, an insulating membrane formed by oligodendrocytes. Not all axons are myelinated, but mechanisms directing myelination of specific axons are unknown. Using zebrafish, we found that activity-dependent secretion stabilized myelin sheath formation on select axons. When(More)
Fundulus notatus and Fundulus olivaceus are two closely related topminnow species that exhibit similar ecological niches and broad, largely overlapping, North American ranges extending throughout much of the Mississippi River drainage as well as the coastal drainages of the Gulf of Mexico. Previous studies have suggested that these two species are(More)
The cordon-bleu (Cobl) gene is widely conserved in vertebrates, with developmentally regulated axial and epithelial expression in mouse and chick embryos. In vitro, Cobl can bind monomeric actin and nucleate formation of unbranched actin filaments, while in cultured cells it can modulate the actin cytoskeleton. However, an essential role for Cobl in vivo(More)
During spinal cord development, ventral neural progenitor cells that express the transcription factors Olig1 and Olig2, called pMN progenitors, produce motor neurons and then oligodendrocytes. Whether motor neurons and oligodendrocytes arise from common or distinct progenitors in vivo is not known. Using zebrafish, we found that motor neurons and(More)
The transition of dividing neuroepithelial progenitors to differentiated neurons and glia is essential for the formation of a functional nervous system. Sonic hedgehog (Shh) is a mitogen for spinal cord progenitors, but how cells become insensitive to the proliferative effects of Shh is not well understood. Because Shh reception occurs at primary cilia,(More)
A comparative study between nefopam (Acupan) and pentazocine was carried out in 90 patients for treatment of postoperative pain following gynaecological operations. The results show that nefopam has an analgesic activity comparable with that of pentazocine, but its duration of action seems to be longer-lasting, even if with a longer period of latency. At(More)
genes that control motor neuron induction, subtype identity, and target specificity. Mice were mutagenized with ENU and outcrossed to an HB9-GFP transgenic reporter line that expresses GFP in spinal motor neurons and their axons. Litters were analyzed by fluorescence microscopy for recessive mutations that affect motor neuron induction and motor axon(More)
In the last twenty years maternal mortality attributed to anaesthesia has decreased. Inhalation of gastric contents is the commonest cause in patients undergoing cesarean section; in fact pregnant women are considered "high risk" because of gravidic modifications. In this retrospective study of 10017 caesarean sections performed under general anaesthesia in(More)
UNLABELLED An important characteristic of vertebrate CNS development is the formation of specific amounts of insulating myelin membrane on axons. CNS myelin is produced by oligodendrocytes, glial cells that extend multiple membrane processes to wrap multiple axons. Recent data have shown that signaling mediated by the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR)(More)
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