Andrew M.R. Bennett

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A new species of Acaenitinae, Arotes ucumari Castillo & Sääksjärvi, sp. n., is described and illustrated representing the first record of the subfamily from South America. The new species was collected from a premontane tropical rain forest in the Peruvian Andes at 1500 m. A key to the world species of Arotes Gravenhorst,1829 is provided. The subspecies(More)
The world species of Zambion Kasparyan (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Tryphoninae) are revised including re-descriptions of Zambion monodon Kasparyan and Zambion hirtum Delobel. Five new species are described: Zambion kasparyanisp. n., Zambion rogerisp. n., Zambion eileenaesp. n., Zambion wahlisp. n. andZambion broadisp. n. A key to species is provided. The(More)
The genus Erythrodolius previously comprised ten species of ichneumonids: nine from Madagascar and one from Costa Rica. The current study revises the New World species of Erythrodolius including descriptions of three new species from Central America which brings the world total to 13 species: E. incompletus sp. n., E. luteus sp. n. and E. tenebrosus sp. n.(More)
Problems in modeling and simulation require significantly different workflow management technologies than standard grid-based workflow management systems. Computational scientists typically interact with simulation software in a feedback driven way were solutions and workflows are developed iteratively and simultaneously. This work describes common(More)
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