Andrew M. Libson

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Membrane channel proteins of the aquaporin family are highly selective for permeation of specific small molecules, with absolute exclusion of ions and charged solutes and without dissipation of the electrochemical potential across the cell membrane. We report the crystal structure of the Escherichia coli glycerol facilitator (GlpF) with its primary permeant(More)
The crystal structure of the Asp21-->Glu mutant (D21E) of staphylococcal nuclease (SNase) has been determined in three different complex forms. The structure of the D21E ternary complex in which D21E is bound to both Ca2+ and the transition-state analogue, thymidine 3',5'-diphosphate (pdTp), was determined to 1.95-A resolution. The structures of both binary(More)
The passage of water or small neutral solutes across the cell membrane in animals, plants and bacteria is facilitated by a family of homologous membrane channels, variously known as aquaporins though perhaps more correctly as aquaglyceroporins. The glycerol facilitator (GlpF) is a 28 kDa aquaglyceroporin that catalyses transmembrane diffusion of glycerol(More)
To understand the structural basis of the 1500-fold decrease in catalytic activity of the D21E mutant of staphylococcal nuclease in which an aspartate ligand of the essential Ca2+ has been enlarged to glutamate, the conformation of the enzyme-bound substrate dTdA has been determined by NMR methods and has been docked into the X-ray structure of the D21E(More)
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