Andrew M Ho

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—A folded multitap transmitter equalizer and multitap receiver equalizer counteract the losses and reflections present in the backplane environment. A flexible 2-PAM/4-PAM clock data recovery circuit uses select transitions for receive clock recovery. Bit-error rate less than 10 15 and power equal to 40 mW/Gb/s has been measured when operating over a 20-in(More)
—This paper describes an adaptively equalized, dual-mode (PAM2 one-tap DFE/PAM4) 0.13 m CMOS transceiver chip, and the techniques used to continuously adapt the link. Interestingly, with only minor modification the same hardware needed to implement a PAM4 system can be used to implement a PAM2 loop-unrolled single-tap decision-feedback equalization (DFE)(More)
Common-mode signaling is effectively used to create a backchannel communication path over the existing pair of wires for a self-contained adaptive differential high-speed link transceiver cell [1]. A transceiver chip was designed in 0.13µm CMOS to demonstrate the feasibility of simultaneous differential and common-mode signaling. The design uses a(More)
BACKGROUND Over a hundred years ago, Wolff originally observed that bone growth and remodeling are exquisitely sensitive to mechanical forces acting on the skeleton. Clinical studies have noted that the size and the strength of bone increase with weight bearing and muscular activity and decrease with bed rest and disuse. Although the processes of(More)
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