Andrew M. Gleason

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A syndrome of hyperactivity and poor attention has been described in children for over a century and has evolved into the construct of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Janakiraman 2010). Although traditionally viewed as affecting only children and adolescents, there is a growing consensus that some children and adolescents with ADHD may(More)
In this paper we shall count the number of permutations of n objects for which (a) all the cycles have lengths divisible by a fixed integer d, and (b) none of the cycles has length divisible by d. Both of these counts, and many more, can be obtained using generating functions. (See Bender [l] and Blum [2]. At the end of the paper we sketch some of these(More)
pdf.<lb>[VN] J. von Neumann, Mathematische Grundlagen der<lb>Quantenmechanik, Springer, 1932. English translation:<lb>systems has opened a new field of mathematical<lb>research.<lb>Starting in 1969, difficult experimental work<lb>began, using variants of Bell’s inequality, to test if<lb>very delicate predictions of quantum mechanics<lb>are correct. Of(More)
NOTICES OF THE AMS VOLUME 58, NUMBER 8 [NS] M. Nawrot and K. Stroyan, The motion/pursuit law for visual depth perception from motion parallax, Vision Res. 49 (2009), 1969–1978. [Pengelley] Edward D. Gaughan, David J. Pengelley, Arthur Knoebel, and Douglas Kurtz, Student Research Projects in Calculus (Spectrum Series), MAA, 1992. [Smith-Moore] David A. Smith(More)
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