Andrew M Bailey

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Isolation and sequencing of a PKS gene isolated from xenovulene-producing cultures of Acremonium strictum indicated the presence of NT-, KS-, AT-, PT-, C-MeT- and R-domains; heterologous expression in Aspergillus oryzae resulted in the production of 3-methylorcinaldehyde, demonstrating the role of the terminal reductase domain in product release.
Fungal maleidrides are an important family of bioactive secondary metabolites that consist of 7, 8, or 9-membered carbocycles with one or two fused maleic anhydride moieties. The biosynthesis of byssochlamic acid (a nonadride) and agnestadride A (a heptadride) was investigated through gene disruption and heterologous expression experiments. The results(More)
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