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Legislating predictable changes in tax rates violates one of the cardinal principles of public finance: changes in tax rates should be permanent and immediate. Taxation typically distorts economic behavior and, because the deadweight burden of taxation is a convex function of the tax rate, there are efficiency gains to equalizing tax rates over time. As(More)
Casein kinase 1δ (CK1δ) family members associate with microtubule-organizing centers (MTOCs) from yeast to humans, but their mitotic roles and targets have yet to be identified. We show here that budding yeast CK1δ, Hrr25, is a γ-tubulin small complex (γTuSC) binding factor. Moreover, Hrr25's association with γTuSC depends on its kinase activity and its(More)
This dissertation studies the use of the US antidumping (AD) legislation. In the first chapter, I use panel data on AD petitions filed by US industries from 1980 to1995 to study the determinants of antidumping filings. The main question I study in chapter 2 is why so few firms petition for import relief. It is common knowledge that at least in the short(More)
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