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Molecular mechanics Poisson-Boltzmann surface area (MM-PBSA), a method to estimate interaction free energies, has been increasingly used in the study of biomolecular interactions. Recently, this method has also been applied as a scoring function in computational drug design. Here a new tool g_mmpbsa, which implements the MM-PBSA approach using subroutines(More)
Characterizing the nature of developmental change is critical to understanding the mechanisms that are impaired in complex neurodevelopment disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and, pragmatically, may allow us to pinpoint periods of plasticity when interventions are particularly useful. Although aberrant brain development has long been theorized(More)
Previous work indicates that adults with autism display a decreased capacity when rapidly enumerating small sets of elements (i.e., subitizing), compared to typically developing (TD) individuals. This ability is crucial for fundamental visual functions such as object individuation and parallel processing. Thus, the deficit in autism suggests limits in these(More)
A lack of typical age-related improvement from adolescence to adulthood contributes to face recognition deficits in adults with autism on the Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT). The current studies examine if this atypical developmental trajectory generalizes to other tasks and objects, including parts of the face. The CFMT tests recognition of whole faces,(More)
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