Andrew Lyall

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The newly available techniques for sensitive proteome analysis and the resulting amount of data require a new bioinformatics focus on automatic methods for spectrum reprocessing and peptide/protein validation. Manual validation of results in such studies is not feasible and objective enough for quality relevant interpretation. The necessity for tools(More)
The great advances in human healthcare that are presaged by the Human Genome Project can be realized by the pharmaceutical industry. A prerequisite for this will be the successful integration of bioinformatics into most aspects of drug discovery. Although, from a scientific viewpoint, this is not a difficult problem, there are formidable technological(More)
The recent explosion of biological data and the concomitant proliferation of distributed databases make it challenging for biologists and bioinformaticians to discover the best data resources for their needs, and the most efficient way to access and use them. Despite a rapid acceleration in uptake of syntactic and semantic standards for interoperability, it(More)
BIOLOG contains facilities for the analysis of nucleic acid sequences. These facilities are available through queries and commands of the underlying implementation language PROLOG. Familiarity with PROLOG is gained by using the built-in BIOLOG functions. This experience should enable the user to extend the current system and define new facilities.
This paper describes an implementation of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) concept for scientific computing and seven service pilot implementations with requirements from biomedical use cases at the CSC - IT Center for Science. The key service design requirements were enabling the use of any scientific software environment the use cases needed to(More)
Many sequence analysis problems involve consideration of a multiple sequence alignment where the 3-dimensional structure of one (or more) of the aligned sequences is known. In such cases, it is useful to map the sequence variability onto the atomic co-ordinates of known structure. If the structure also includes a bound ligand (or the location of the active(More)
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  • 1983
The family doctor plays a very important role in the life of the patient who is going through separation or divorce. Separation is a form of mourning. People go through the stages of grief, including surprise, anger, depression, and acceptance. The physician must anticipate a wide range of emotions including disbelief and shock, anger, fear, uncertainty and(More)