Andrew Lawrie

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INTRODUCTION Osteoprotegerin (OPG), an osteoclastogenesis inhibitor implicated in bone remodelling, has emerged as a potential biomarker for cardiovascular disease. In order to implement OPG determination in the clinical laboratory, it is crucial to identify the most appropriate specimen type, preparation and measurement conditions. The present study(More)
Measurement of endogenous thrombin potential (ETP) detects hypercoagulability and can be used to identify activated protein C resistance due to factor V Leiden (FVL). However, not all carriers of FVL suffer thrombosis and therefore we sought to determine if the test for ETP could be modified in such a way as to enable detection of FVL patients who were at(More)
Abstract: In the 80’s Struwe proved that a solution to the harmonic map heat flow from a Riemann surface develops singularities by concentrating its energy in bubbles, i.e., dynamically rescaled harmonic maps. Then in the early 2000’s Struwe showed that the singularity formation for critical geometric wave equations such as wave maps and hyperbolic Yang(More)
Whilst existing composite aircraft designs carry additional weight to mitigate the risk of undetected nonconformance to design, new non-destructive characterisation (NDC) methods offer a leaner future for composite designs through complete verification of conformance. The structural-integrity philosophy for composites in current in-service aircraft does not(More)
where := −∂2 t +∆ and u[0] := (u, ut)|t=0. The equation is semi-linear if F is a function only of u, (i.e. F = F (u)), and quasi-linear if F is also a function of the derivatives of u (i.e. F = F (u,Du), where D := (∂t,∇)). The goal is to use energy methods to prove local well-posedness for quasilinear equations with data (f, g) ∈ Hs × Hs−1 for large enough(More)
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