Andrew Laghos

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The notion that users’ characteristics such as the cognitive ability affect their visual information processing is continuously increasing. This eye tracking user study investigated the association between adults’ (N = 54) cognitive style and eye movement (EM) patterns while interacting with a set of visual tasks. Users’ cognitive type was measured with the(More)
Nowadays, there is an increase of studies that examine individuals’ cognitive characteristics in correlation to visual perception. The present study investigated the association between cognitive abilities and Web page complexity. Specifically, differences within simple, medium and complex Web pages were observed among the field dependent, independent and(More)
We present the implementation of Distributed Constructionism (DC) through a Participatory Design (PD) methodology for an Online Learning community. The students collaborate on the content and functionality development of an online Modern Greek language course, peer review and publish content contributions, and participate in participatory design teams.(More)
This paper is a report on the findings of a study conducted concerning the features offered by web-based Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL) courses. A comparison of the currently available features of websites offering online European Language courses was carried out and analyzed. Following this, an online questionnaire was used to solicit information(More)
This entry provides a thorough introduction to computer-assisted and -aided language learning (CALL). It starts by providing the definition and history of CALL and associated relevant terms. Then, an existing CALL methodological framework is presented and discussed. This is then followed by an overview of the current state of CALL by citing some(More)
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