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The Palm measure and the Voronoi tessellation for the Ginibre process
We prove that the Palm measure of the Ginibre process is obtained by removing a Gaussian distributed point from the process and adding the origin. We obtain also precise formulas describing the lawExpand
On the spectral function of the Poisson-Voronoi cells
Abstract Denote by ϕ(t)=∑ n⩾1 e −λ n t , t>0 , the spectral function related to the Dirichlet Laplacian for the typical cell C of a standard Poisson–Voronoi tessellation in R d , d⩾2 . We show thatExpand
A Pannonian auxiliary's epitaph from Roman Gordion
Abstract A funerary stele of a Pannonian auxiliary soldier recovered in 1996 at Gordion (Turkey) provided the first concrete evidence of Roman military activity at the site. The Latin epitaph on theExpand
Rome and the power of the gladius
It is thus the rich evidence for town sizes so painstakingly collected and analyzed by de Ligt that turns out to make the most important archaeological contribution to our understanding of RomanExpand
The National Party Chairmen and Committees: Factionalism at the Top
In the beginning disintegration and re-integration stabilizing the pinnacle destruction by faction formalizing the national charmanship bureaucratizing the national committee the long view -Expand
The Roman-period cemeteries at Gordion in Galatia
Weapons and the Army