Andrew L Wilson

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In view of the cholinergic deficits present in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), a widely investigated treatment strategy for the cognitive deficits in AD is cholinergic stimulation. Although nicotinic cholinergic receptor binding has been demonstrated to be deficient in the AD brain, the predominant theoretical and therapeutic focus to date has been(More)
Normal and SV40 virus-transformed WI-38 human lung fibroblasts were serum starved and refed, or synchronized by double thymidine block and released from the block. At different time points in the cell cycle, steady state levels of P120 mRNA and P120 protein content of the cells were determined by densitometric scans of Northern and Western blots. At the(More)
These guidelines outline the recommended processes and techniques for formulary system management and describe the pharmacist’s responsibilities and roles in managing the formulary system in partnership with other health care professionals. These guidelines also provide assistance to pharmacists in the organization and operation of the pharmacy and(More)
Studies have demonstrated that medication errors occur at a number of locations in the continuum between ordering of drug therapy and administration of the medication. Computer management of patient medication profiles offers the opportunity to enhance communication between pharmacists and nurses, and to decrease medication errors and delays in delivery of(More)
P120 is a growth-regulated nucleolar protein, the expression of which is required for G1- to S-phase transition in lymphocytes. P120 appears to be involved in ribosomal biogenesis presumptively through its putative role as a rRNA methyltransferase. To better understand the role of P120 in cell cycle progression, we examined the regulation of the P120 gene(More)
Asparaginase is an effective treatment for patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Unfortunately, asparaginase therapy is associated with a high incidence of hypersensitivity reactions (up to 73%), including life-threatening anaphylaxis, and its half-life of approximately 20 hours necessitates daily administration. Pegaspargase, a modification of(More)
Diastolic blood-pressure data from 42 published studies, representing 23 anti-hypertensive drug regimens and 971 patients, were used to test the hypothesis that there is a linear relation between pretreatment diastolic pressure (P.T.D.P.) and the drug-induced fall in pressure (deltaD.P.), such that the "ideal-response line" relating these variables has a(More)
Analysis of cephalometric radiographs of 12 children with fetal alcohol syndrome corroborated the clinical observation of midfacial deficiency described in patients with this disorder. Contrary to previous reports, however, our data show that this abnormality is not caused by true maxillary hypoplasia but by retrusion of the maxilla. We postulate that this(More)