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There are many causes of frequent urination. Whenever water or fluids are consumed, the patient has to urinate within 10 or 20 min. Often urinary bladder examinations & blood tests show no(More)
We examined patients wearing a metal ring on the left 4th finger with abnormally increased Cardiac Troponin I (which is known to increase in the presence of myocardial injury or left ventricular(More)
One minute downward pressure on the tip of any one of the front 3 teeth (1st incisor, 2nd incisor, and canine) at the right and left sides of the upper and lower jaw by a wooden toothpick induced(More)
BACKGROUND Previous findings suggest a relationship between childhood abuse and pain-related conditions. It is yet to be determined whether adult posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms may(More)
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