Andrew L. Haynes

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The importance of magnetic reconnection as an energy release mechanism in many solar, stellar, magnetospheric and astrophysical phenomena has long been recognised. Reconnection is the only mechanism by which magnetic fields can globally restructure, enabling them to access a lower energy state. Over the past decade, there have been some major advances in(More)
Context. With the recent launch of the Hinode satellite our view of the nature and evolution of quiet-Sun regions has been improved. In light of the new high resolution observations, we revisit the study of the quiet Sun’s topological nature. Aims. Topology is a tool to explain the complexity of the magnetic field, the occurrence of reconnection processes,(More)
The heating of the solar corona is likely to be due to reconnection of the highly complex magnetic field that threads throughout its volume. We have run a numerical experiment of an elementary interaction between the magnetic field of two photospheric sources in an overlying field that represents a fundamental building block of the coronal heating process.(More)
Aims. To investigate the relationship between surges and magnetic reconnection during the emergence of small-scale active regions. In particular, to examine how the large-scale geometry of the magnetic field, shaped by different phases of reconnection, guides the flowing of surges. Methods. We present three flux emergence models. The first model, and the(More)
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