Andrew Kwong

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Oncogenic mutations in the Neuroblastoma Rat Sarcoma oncogene (NRAS) are frequent in melanoma, but are also found in several other cancer types, such as lung cancer, neuroblastoma and colon cancer. We designed our study to analyze changes in NRAS mutant tumor cells derived from malignancies other than melanoma. A variety of small molecule inhibitors as well(More)
Attempts to directly block the mutant neuroblastoma rat sarcoma oncogene (NRAS) protein, a driving mutation in many cancer types, have been unsuccessful. Current treatments focus on inhibition of different components of NRAS' two main downstream cascades: PI3K/AKT/mTOR and MAPK. Here we test a novel dual therapy combination of metformin and trametinib on a(More)
Oncogenic NRAS mutations are frequent in melanoma and lead to increased downstream signaling and uncontrolled cell proliferation. Since the direct inhibition of NRAS is not possible yet, modulators of NRAS posttranslational modifications have become an area of interest. Specifically, interfering with NRAS posttranslational palmitoylation/depalmitoylation(More)
In mobile wireless ad hoc networks, there are two common issues of interest. The first issue is arise from the situation that there are not enough wireless nodes in the network. Low density of nodes results in partitioned network meaning that no route exists between some clients and their destinations destination. The second issue is that mobile clients can(More)
Early stage melanomas can achieve remarkable outcomes with surgery alone, but stage IV metastatic melanoma requires significant intervention and has poor outcomes. Here we present evidence on the latest advances in melanoma treatment, discuss the scientific concepts behind new therapies, and analyze the potential of future treatment combinations.(More)
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