Andrew Krizhanovsky

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The program Synarcher for synonym (and related terms) search in the text corpus of special structure (Wikipedia) was developed. The results of the search are presented in the form of graph. It is possible to explore the graph and search for graph elements interactively. Adapted HITS algorithm for synonym search, program architecture, and programwork(More)
Interoperability is a feature required by the Semantic Web. It is provided by the ontology matching methods and algorithms. But now ontologies are presented not only in English, but in other languages as well. It is important to use an automatic translation for obtaining correct matching pairs in multilingual ontology matching. The translation into many(More)
Development of new technologies brings people new possibilities such as smart spaces. Smart spaces can provide better user experience by allowing a user to connect new devices flexibly and to access all the information in the multi device system from any of the devices. However, this also raises new challenges. The paper considers the problem of efficient(More)
Customer Service Management is one of major business activities to better serve company customers through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures. Today this kind of activities is implemented through e-services to directly involve customers into business processes. Traditionally Customer Service Management involves application of data mining(More)
In this paper we present a profile-based approach to information filtering by an analysis of the content of text documents. The Wikipedia index database is created and used to automatically generate the user profile from the user’s document collection. The problem-oriented Wikipedia subcorpora are created (using knowledge extracted from the user profile)(More)
An integrated technology for intelligent support for distributed operational decision making is proposed. The conceptual framework implementing the technology consists of building an ontology-based model of the problem to be solved by the decision maker, formalization of the problem with a set of constraints, instantiation with the data values provided by(More)
An efficient knowledge sharing between multiple participating parties is required to provide for situation awareness and consequently to manage any OOTW operation. Thereby it is necessary that the right knowledge from distributed sources is integrated and transferred to the right person within the right context at the right time to the right purpose. The(More)