Andrew Kinsella

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are well referenced and indexed, and discussions are included. The presentation of the book is of a high standard and is recommended as a detailed and comprehensive treatise on the use of tissue temperature in diagnosis and in therapy. It is unlikely to be bettered until many of the problems discussed have been largely solved. This is definitely one of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the outcome and cost of care for leg ulcers in community leg ulcer clinics in Stockport District Health authority with Trafford District Health Authority as a control. DESIGN Detailed cost and efficacy studies conducted prospectively over a three month period in both districts both before and one year after the introduction of five(More)
Our objective was to establish an audit mechanism to determine the cost and effectiveness of leg ulcer care across two Health Authorities. Following identification of all patients with active ulcers over a two-month period, leg ulcer treatment, costs and outcome were prospectively audited over three months. We found that leg ulcer care is currently(More)
Anthelmintic resistance has been reported in most sheep producing countries. Prior to the mid 1990s, reports of anthelmintic resistance in Ireland were sparse and focused on benzimidazole, one of the three classes of anthelmintic available during this period. This evidence for efficacy issues on Irish farms combined with awareness that anthelmintic(More)
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