Andrew Kehoe

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This paper offers a reassessment of the role of web data in diachronic linguistic analysis. We introduce the diachronic search facilities provided by the WebCorp Linguist’s Search Engine, including the use of a new ‘heat map’ graph for the analysis of changes in collocational patterns over time. We illustrate how web data can be used to supplement data from(More)
Our summarisation tool, SEAGULL (Summary Extraction Algorithm Generated Using Lexical Links), is a sentence extractor which exploits the patterns of lexical repetition across a text and creates abridgements which express nontrivially the conceptual content and development of topic. In this paper, we report on a test devised to assess its performance against(More)
Noun to verb conversion is a highly productive process in English, and is exploited regularly by English users for a variety of reasons. Previous studies of the phenomenon have concentrated on the formal issues raised by the process and have been theoretical rather than empirical. This thesis takes a corpus-based approach, and focuses on the use of noun to(More)
Draft lottery number assignment during the Vietnam Era provides a natural experiment to examine the effects of military service on crime. Using exact dates of birth for inmates in state and federal prisons in 1979, 1986, and 1991, we find that draft eligibility increases incarceration for violent crimes but decreases incarceration for non-violent crimes(More)
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