Andrew Kehoe

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The WebCorp project has demonstrated how the Web may be used as a source of linguistic data. One feature of standard corpus analysis tools hitherto missing in WebCorp is the ability to filter and sort results by date. This paper discusses the dating mechanisms available on the Web and the date query facilities offered by standard Web search engines. The new(More)
Our summarisation tool, SEAGULL (Summary Extraction Algorithm Generated Using Lexical Links), is a sentence extractor which exploits the patterns of lexical repetition across a text and creates abridgements which express non-trivially the conceptual content and development of topic. In this paper, we report on a test devised to assess its performance(More)
Acknowledgements My academic supervisor, Professor Antoinette Renouf, has been an invaluable source of support and guidance throughout the project; I would like to thank her for all her expertise, patience and unfailing optimism. Thanks are also due to Dr. Mike Scott and Professor Laurie Bauer for their helpful comments and suggestions. Debbie Danks and all(More)
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