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Clear sky shortwave solar radiation varies in response to altitude and elevation, surface gradient (slope) and orientation (aspect), as well as position relative to neighbouring surfaces. While the measurement of radiation ¯ ux on a relatively ¯ at surface is straightforward, it requires a dense network of stations for mountainous terrain. The model(More)
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Remote sensing provides the basic data to undertake inventory of land, as well as the temporal information required to monitor sustainable land management practices. In this paper, the current use of remote sensing for sustainable land management is reviewed, and the potential of future (new) satellite systems to contribute to sustainable development is(More)
Amongst many ongoing initiatives to preserve biodiversity, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment again shows the importance to slow down the loss of biological diversity. However, there is still a gap in the overview of global patterns of species distributions. This paper reviews how remote sensing has been used to assess terrestrial faunal diversity, with(More)
Recent theoretical studies have shown that spatial redistribution of surface water may explain the occurrence of patterns of alternating vegetated and degraded patches in semiarid grasslands. These results implied, however, that spatial redistribution processes cannot explain the collapse of production on coarser scales observed in these systems. We present(More)
Issues of residual spatial autocorrelation (RSA) and spatial scale are critical to the study of species-environment relationships, because RSA invalidates many statistical procedures, while the scale of analysis affects the quantification of these relationships. Although these issues independently are widely covered in the literature, only sparse attention(More)