Andrew K Bailey

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW The use of glaucoma drainage devices (GDD) in the treatment of glaucoma has become widely accepted for cases of refractory glaucoma. Expansion in the indications for implantation of GDD beyond refractory glaucoma is increasingly common. As such, tube implant complications are reviewed to aid in prevention and improve their management. (More)
BACKGROUND Some neurochemical evidence as well as recent studies on molecular genetics suggest that pathologic gambling may be related to dysregulated dopamine neurotransmission. METHODS The current study examined sensory (motor) gating in pathologic gamblers as a putative measure of endogenous brain dopamine activity with prepulse inhibition of the(More)
UNLABELLED The high risk of complications and long period of recovery associated with glaucoma filtration procedures have been significant deterrents to surgery for both clinicians and patients. With the advent of microinvasive glaucoma procedures and the persistence of glaucoma medical compliance issues, clinicians have demonstrated a renewed interest in(More)
UNLABELLED Although glaucoma filtration surgery options are generally effective means of surgically lowering intraocular pressure (IOP), complications have driven innovators to develop novel approaches to the lowering of IOP. Using the suprachoroidal space has been one novel way to avoid these complications. This article reviews how recent innovation has(More)
Aman in his 50s presented with primary open-angle glaucoma and a visually significant cataract, causing a 4-diopter myopic shift. The patient elected to proceed with cataract extraction and a lens implant followed by canaloplasty. The cataract extraction and lens implant went routinely, but during the canaloplasty, a hard-stop obstruction was encountered at(More)
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