Andrew James McKinlay

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We introduce the problem of detecting Entity Instantiations, a type of entity relation in which a set of entities is introduced, and either a member or subset of this set is mentioned afterwards. We perform the first, reliable, corpus study of Entity Instantiations, concentrating on intersentential annotation. We then develop the first automatic(More)
Very little is known about the role of epigenetics in the differentiation of a bacterium from the free-living to the symbiotic state. Here genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation changes between these states is described using the model of symbiosis between soybean and its root nodule-forming, nitrogen-fixing symbiont, Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens. PacBio(More)
We apply tree kernels to entity instantiations. An entity instantiation is an entity relationship, in which a set of entities is mentioned, and then a member or subset of this set is introduced. We present the first reliably annotated intrasentential entity instantiation corpus, along with an extension to the intersentential annotations in McKinlay and(More)
The goal of developing completely autonomous systems which exhibit complex behaviour, and which are robust in their encounters with the real world is an ambitious one which may not be realised totally. However, powerful and useful systems can be developed which, although requiring continuous human intervention, magni$ human abilities signiflcantly. One area(More)
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