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The continued retreat of ice shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula has been widely attributed to recent atmospheric warming, but there is little published work describing changes in glacier margin positions. We present trends in 244 marine glacier fronts on the peninsula and associated islands over the past 61 years. Of these glaciers, 87% have retreated and a(More)
The central terminals of cutaneous primary afferent neurons are spatially ordered in the dorsal horn in a highly organized fashion such that a point-to-point map represents the body surface. This afferent terminal somatotopic map correlates with the map of the receptive fields of the cells on which they terminate. The location, size and modality of the(More)
The cognitive-behavioral, fear-avoidance (FA) model of chronic pain (Vlaeyen JWS, Kole-Snijders AMJ, Boeren RGB, van Eek H. Fear of movement/(re)injury in chronic low back pain and its relation to behavioral performance. Pain 1995a;62:363-72) has found broad empirical support, but its multivariate, predictive relationships have not been uniformly validated.(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the chicken lens gap junction protein, connexin56 (Cx56). METHODS The methods used were immunoblotting, immunofluorescence, alkaline phosphatase treatment, in vitro translation, and primary tissue culture. RESULTS Connexin56 translated in vitro showed a single band with an electrophoretic mobility of approximately 66 kd. Multiple(More)
Intracellular recordings have been made from twenty antidromically identified posterior biceps femoris/semitendinosus (p.b.s.t.) hamstring flexor alpha-motoneurones in the decerebrate-spinal rat. The hamstring motoneurones had either low or no spontaneous background activity. In nineteen of the twenty cells high-frequency phasic responses could be elicited(More)
Electronic questionnaires for pain assessment are becoming increasingly popular. There have been no published reports to establish the equivalence or psychometric properties of common pain questionnaires administered via desktop computers. This study compared responses to paper (P) and touch screen electronic (E) versions of the Short-Form McGill Pain(More)
A cognitive-behavioral pain management program for elderly nursing home residents with chronic pain was compared with an attention/support control treatment in a randomized pre-/post-comparison group design with follow-up. Thirteen women and nine men, ranging in age from 61 to 98 (M = 77.2), from two large nursing homes participated in the treatment(More)
A standard suprathreshold mechanical stimulus applied to the hindpaw of decerebrate-spinal rats produces a discharge in hamstring flexor alpha-motoneurones which is stable for hours, provided no tissue injury is produced. Tissue injury results, however, in a decrease of threshold and an increase in the responsiveness of the reflex. This reflex(More)
Withdrawal from amphetamine is associated with increased anxiety and sensitivity to stressors which are thought to contribute to relapse. Rats undergoing amphetamine withdrawal fail to exhibit stress-induced increases in serotonin (5-HT) release in the ventral hippocampus and show heightened anxiety-like behaviors. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that(More)
We evaluated the effects of white noise played through headphones on off-task behavior, percentage of items completed, and percentage of items completed correctly for 3 students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Headphones plus white noise were associated with decreases in off-task behavior relative to baseline and headphones-only (no(More)