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Reimagining Politics after the Terror: The Republican Origins of French Liberalism
In the wake of the Terror, France's political and intellectual elites set out to refound the Republic and, in so doing, reimagined the nature of the political order. They argued vigorously overExpand
French Democracy between Totalitarianism and Solidarity: Pierre Rosanvallon and Revisionist Historiography*
No book has affected the study of modern French history in the last twenty-five years more than Francois Furet’s Penser la Revolution francaise (translated as Interpreting the French Revolution).1Expand
The Constitution of the Year III and the Persistence of Classical Republicanism
<p>In the summer of 1795, the National Convention debated and passed a new constitution for France, the third of the Revolution. In doing so, the Thermidorian elites sought to end the Revolution,Expand
Liberal Republicanism after the Terror: Charles-Guillaume Théremin and Germaine de Staël
The political culture of the post-Terror phase of the French Revolution was dominated by the problem of establishing an anti-Jacobin republic. In the years spanning 1794 to 1799, no politicalExpand
Reimagining politics after the Terror