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We define African savannahs as being those areas that receive between 300 and 1,500 mm of rain annually. This broad definition encompasses a variety of habitats. Thus defined, savannahs comprise 13.5 million km2 and encompass most of the present range of the African lion (Panthera leo). Dense human populations and extensive conversion of land to human use(More)
The 26S proteasome degrades ubiquitinated proteins, and proteasomal degradation controls various cellular events. Here we report that the human 26S proteasome is ubiquitinated, by which the ubiquitin receptors Adrm1 and S5a, the ATPase subunit Rpt5, and the deubiquitinating enzyme Uch37 are ubiquitinated in situ by proteasome-associating ubiquitination(More)
This paper presents PulmonaReality, an interactive virtual reality game aimed at young patients to help immerse them into a world that makes pulmonary function tests more enjoyable for the user while providing more reliable results for the examiner. Computer games designed to work with medical tests have been shown to have potential. While there are(More)
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