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Equality for the Ambitious
Book reviewed in this article: R.M. Dworkin, Sovereign Virtue: the Theory and Practice of Equality
‘Reconstruction’ before the Marshall Plan
As is often the case when a concept gets a new lease of life in the newspapers there has been a resurrection of interest in recent times in the concept of ‘reconstruction’. The current AmericanExpand
EU Human Rights Policies: A Study in Irony
Preface Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Development Policy and Human Rights 3. Accession to the EU and Human Rights 4. The Scope of Internal-External Incoherence 5. Explaining Incoherence: theExpand
Conflict and Development
Introduction 1. Poverty, Profit and the Political Economy of Violent Conflict 2. Institutions: Hardware and Software 3. People: Participation, Civil Society and Gender 4. Conflict Resolution,Expand
The Ethos of Europe: Values, Law and Justice in the EU
Andrew Williams analyses the role of values in the European Union and suggests how to make the EU more just.
The European Convention on Human Rights, the EU and the UK: Confronting a Heresy
The orthodox view of the ECHR and its Court as regime in the context of both the EU and UK has been that it has considerable value albeit with systemic flaws. The purpose of this article is toExpand
Liberalism and War The Victors and the Vanquished
Introduction 1. The Roots of Liberalism and the First Great 22 Liberal Century 2. Twentieth Century Liberalism and Thinking about War and Peace, 1918 to the Present 3. Reparations 4. ReconstructionExpand