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Antibody-targeted myofibroblast apoptosis reduces fibrosis during sustained liver injury.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Myofibroblast apoptosis promotes the resolution of liver fibrosis. However, retaining macrophages may enhance reversal. The effects of specifically stimulating myofibroblast apoptosisExpand
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Generation of a monoclonal human single chain antibody fragment to hepatic stellate cells--a potential mechanism for targeting liver anti-fibrotic therapeutics.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatic stellate cells are pivotal to fibrogenesis in the liver and many potential anti-fibrotic therapeutics are required to act on targets within hepatic stellate cells. The aim ofExpand
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Interplay among membrane properties, protein properties and operating conditions on protein fouling during normal-flow microfiltration
Abstract Normal-flow filtration is used frequently in the biopharmaceutical industry for applications such as sterile filtration of fermentation media, buffers and product proteins. Though theExpand
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An Overview, 1700–1914
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Echoes from the tribal Ring
Pharmacokinetics, Serum Stability and Immunogenicity of A Polypeptide Inhibitor of B2GPI/Antibody Complexes Tested in Mice.
Abstract 2205 Background: Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is an autoimmune disease with clinical features of thrombosis and pregnancy loss. Beta2-glycoprotein I (B2GPI) is the major antigen forExpand
Essays in Crime and Behavior
This dissertation is composed of three chapters that contribute to the fields of Public Economics, Law and Economics, Labor Economics, and Behavioral Economics.In chapter one, I show that publicExpand
Master of puzzles
In Vitro ELISA and Cell-Based Assays Confirm the Low Immunogenicity of VNAR Therapeutic Constructs in a Mouse Model of Human RA: An Encouraging Milestone to Further Clinical Drug Development
Anti-drug antibodies (ADAs), specific for biotherapeutic drugs, are associated with reduced serum drug levels and compromised therapeutic response. The impact of ADA on the bioavailability andExpand
Fever-heat funerals