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Grand Narratives, Metamodernism, and Global Ethics
Some philosophers contend that to effectively address problems such our global environmental crisis, humans must collectively embrace a polyphonic, environmentalist grand narrative, very differentExpand
Thomas Hobbes: Magnanimity, Felicity, and Justice
Thomas Hobbes’s concept of magnanimity, a descendant of Aristotle’s “greatness of soul,” plays a key role in Hobbes’s theory with respect to felicity and the virtue of justice. In his Critique du ‘DeExpand
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Empathy and moral education, Theatre of the Oppressed, and The Laramie Project
Notable theorists have argued that theatre and drama play positive roles in the moral education of children and adults, including cultivating their capacity for empathy. Yet other theorists have ex...
Moral psychology of the fading affect bias
ABSTRACT We argue that many of the benefits theorists have attributed to the ability to forget should instead be attributed to what psychologists call the “fading affect bias,” namely the tendencyExpand
Kinesthetic Empathy, Dance, and Technology
I argue that when we use email, text messaging, or social media websites such as Facebook to interact, rather than communicating face-to-face, we do not experience the best kind of empathy, which isExpand
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Thomas Hobbes' Response to the Fool: Justice and Magnanimity
I focus on Thomas Hobbes’ response to the moral skeptic – the Fool – who claims it is sometimes reasonable to break valid covenants (contracts). The Fool maintains that, in some circumstances,Expand