Andrew J Wrath

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Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is increasingly common in young psychiatric patients. It is unclear why pain, which should be aversive, becomes reinforcing in this context. We hypothesized that pain- and/or reward-processing neurocircuitry would be abnormal in NSSI patients compared with non-NSSI patients. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we(More)
OBJECTIVE Research to determine the best approach for providing early intervention for mood and anxiety disorders is imperative. The authors describe a process evaluation of an early-intervention program for transition-age youths with mood or anxiety disorders. METHODS Causal and logic models for pathways to care for the program, as well as descriptive(More)
Mental health issues are common among adolescents and young adults but service utilization in this group is low. This study aimed to better understand the experiences of older adolescents and young adults who were experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, including the factors that affected their decision to seek treatment and their feelings about(More)
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