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INTRODUCTION The present study aimed to explore how athletes respond to different behaviors of their opponents. METHODS Twelve moderately to highly physically active participants with at least two years of cycling experience completed four 4-km time trials on a Velotron cycle ergometer. After a familiarization time trial (FAM), participants performed(More)
In the present study effects of estrogens (natural estradiol and synthetic ethinyl estradiol) on liver derived proteins (angiotensinogen, IGF-I) were investigated in vivo in ovariectomized rats and in vitro in a rat hepatoma cell line (Fe33). The aim of this study was to establish both an animal and an in vitro model for quantification of the hepatic(More)
BACKGROUND In randomized trials of secondary prevention, pravastatin sodium and aspirin reduce risks of cardiovascular disease. Pravastatin has a predominantly delayed antiatherogenic effect, and aspirin has an immediate antiplatelet effect, raising the possibility of additive clinical benefits. METHODS In 5 randomized trials of secondary prevention with(More)
BACKGROUND There is currently great discrepancy in the training requirements between medical societies regarding the recommended threshold number of colonoscopies needed to assess for technical competence. Our goal was to determine the number of colonoscopies performed by surgical residents, rate of cecal intubation, as well as trainee perceptions of(More)
This study compared external insulin pump treatment using insulin lispro or insulin aspart with multiple daily injections (MDI; four or more injections per day) using insulin glargine and insulin lispro or insulin aspart. An electronic database was used to retrieve various parameters of glycemic control for 515 adult patients with type 1 diabetes. An(More)
OBJECTIVE To see if insulin glargine improves glycemic control in a clinical setting. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A questionnaire and electronic database were used to assess glycemic parameters for 292 type 1 diabetic subjects taking > or =4 injections per day and receiving glargine as their only long-acting basal insulin for at least 6 months.(More)
PURPOSE Accurate staging of esophageal cancer (ECA) is critical in determining appropriate therapy. Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), computed tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET) scanning can be used, but limited data exists regarding the use of combined PET/CT fusion imaging and EUS in ECA staging. The objective of this study is to evaluate(More)
Bacterial infections after lung transplantation cause airway epithelial injury and are associated with an increased risk of developing bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome. The damaged epithelium is a source of alarmins that activate the innate immune system, yet their ability to activate fibroblasts in the development of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome has(More)
Background. There has been a growing use of both capsule endoscopy (CE) and double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) to diagnose and treat patients with obscure gastrointestinal blood loss and suspected small bowel pathology. Aim. To compare and correlate sequential CE and DBE findings in a large series of patients at two tertiary level hospitals in Wisconsin.(More)