Andrew J. Viterbi

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Probability Theory, 2nd ed. Princeton, N. J.: 960. Van Nostrand, 1 121 T. T. Kadota, “Optimum reception of binary gaussian signals,” Bell Sys. Tech. J., vol. 43, pp. 2767-2810, November 1964. 131 T. T. Kadota. “Ootrmum recention of binarv sure and Gaussian signals,” Bell Sys. ?‘ech: J., vol. 44;~~. 1621-1658, October 1965. 141 U. Grenander, ‘Stochastic(More)
A limited amount of bandwidth is allocated for wireless services. A wireless system is required to accommodate as many users as possible by effectively sharing the limited bandwidth. Therefore, in the field of communications, the term multiple access could be defined as a means of allowing multiple users to simultaneously share the finite bandwidth with(More)
An intuitive shortcut to understanding the maximum a posteriori (MAP) decoder is presented based on an approximation. This is shown to correspond to a dual-maxima computation combined with forward and backward recursions of Viterbi algorithm computations. The logarithmic version of the MAP algorithm can similarly be reduced to the same form by applying the(More)
Burst transmission of digital data and voice has become commonplace, particularly in satellite communicat ion systems employing time-division multiple-access (TDMA) and packet demand-assignment mnltiple-access (DAMA) techniques. In TDMA systems particularly, phase estimation on each successive burst is a requirement, while bit timing and carrier frequency(More)
Performance of a wideband multipath-fading terrestrial digital coded communication system is treated. The analysis has applications to a cellular system employing direct sequence spread spectrum CDMA with M-ary orthogonal modulation on the many-to-one reverse (user-to-base station) link. For these links, pqwer control of each multiple access user by the(More)
AT IS CURRENTLY WIDELY ACCEPTED THAT Forward Error Correcting (FEC) coding is a practical technique for increasing the transmission efficiency of virtually all digital communication channels. whatever their power or bandwidth limitations. Efficiency then applies to both the power and the bandwidth required to support a given information rate. or conversely(More)