Andrew J. Thomas

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PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to determine the reliability of yo-yo intermittent recovery test (yo-yo) scores and their degree of association with a 20-m shuttle run (20MSR) and VO(2max) values. METHODS Subjects were elite (Australian Football League [AFL], n = 23), state-level (hockey, n = 15, and cricket, n = 27), and recreational team-sport(More)
BACKGROUND Non-shockable arrest rhythms (pulseless electrical activity and asystole) represent an increasing proportion of reported cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). The prognostic significance of conversion from non-shockable to shockable rhythms during the course of resuscitation remains unclear. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether(More)
Cisplatin, one of the most commonly used anticancer drugs, is known to cause inner ear hair cell damage and hearing loss. Despite much investigation into mechanisms of cisplatin-induced hair cell death, little is known about the mechanism whereby cisplatin is selectively toxic to hair cells. Using hair cells of the zebrafish lateral line, we found that(More)
PURPOSE To commission a small-field biological irradiator, the XRad225Cx from Precision x-Ray, Inc., for research use. The system produces a 225 kVp x-ray beam and is equipped with collimating cones that produce both square and circular radiation fields ranging in size from 1 to 40 mm. This work incorporates point, 2D, and 3D measurements to determine(More)
Achieving accurate small field dosimetry is challenging. This study investigates the utility of a radiochromic plastic PRESAGE read with optical-CT for the acquisition of radiosurgery field commissioning data from a Novalis Tx system with a high-definition multileaf collimator (HDMLC). Total scatter factors (Sc, p), beam profiles, and penumbrae were(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Cervical necrotizing fasciitis (CNF) is challenging to diagnose and associated with high morbidity and mortality. The objective of this study is to evaluate the utility of two laboratory-based diagnostic tools for distinguishing necrotizing from non-necrotizing infection when specifically applied to neck infection. STUDY DESIGN(More)
The "cancerized field" concept posits that cancer-prone cells in a given tissue share an oncogenic mutation, but only discreet clones within the field initiate tumors. Most benign nevi carry oncogenic BRAF(V600E) mutations but rarely become melanoma. The zebrafish crestin gene is expressed embryonically in neural crest progenitors (NCPs) and specifically(More)
PURPOSE A 3D dosimetry system is described which consists of two parts: a radiochromic plastic dosimeter PRESAGE (which responds to absorbed dose with a linear change in optical-density) and the Duke large-field-of-view optical-CT scanner (DLOS). The DLOS/PRESAGE system has recently been commissioned and benchmarked for clinical use and, in particular, for(More)
BACKGROUND Facial pain is a cardinal symptom of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) with significant impacts on patient treatment selection, quality of life, and outcomes. The association between facial pain and CRS disease severity has not been systematically evaluated with validated, facial pain-specific questionnaires. Our objective was to measure pain(More)