Andrew J Starsky

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The reflex torque responses of the elbow and shoulder to constant velocity angular extensions of the full comfortable range of the spastic elbow were measured in 16 people with unilateral stroke and 6 neurologically intact controls in order to identify the interjoint reflex coupling that occurs after stroke. The resulting responses showed a substantial(More)
Multijoint reflex coupling could impact the voluntary control of functional arm movements in people post stroke. The multijoint responses to active-assist, constant-velocity movements of the elbow joint were measured in 14 individuals post stroke and 9 neurologically intact controls. Resulting responses in the stroke group illustrated a change in the reflex(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the minimum number of measurements required to obtain a reliable estimate of upper-extremity spasticity using biomechanic assessment across multiple testing trials and dates. DESIGN Single-center, longitudinal study with repeated measurements of spastic upper-extremity torque measures taken 1 week apart. SETTING A hospital-based(More)
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