Andrew J. Stanley

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The pseudohermaphrodite rat is characterized by lack of androgen-dependent differentiation. Treatment of these rats with testosterone failed to produce the expected changes in preputial and adrenal gland weights and hexobarbital metabolism. This insitivity of the end organ to testosterone could not be explained by defective formation of dihydrotestosterone.
We report the case of a 76-year-old woman with a diagnosis of Primary Hyperparathyroidsm and Systemic Amyloidosis, in whom subsequent investigations revealed the presence of Multiple Myeloma. We discuss the relationship between these conditions and the implications for management.
Animals with ectopic testes, some unilateral (on either the right or left side) and some bilateral, have appeared in a colony of King-Holtzman rats. This heritable defect has been given the genetic symbol "ect." Females carrying the gene are unaffected by it. When such females are bred to apparently normal males, they produce no ect offspring. Since 25% of(More)