Andrew J. Simpkin

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Maternal smoking during pregnancy has been found to influence newborn DNA methylation in genes involved in fundamental developmental processes. It is pertinent to understand the degree to which the offspring methylome is sensitive to the intensity and duration of prenatal smoking. An investigation of the persistence of offspring methylation associated with(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) undergoes alternative splicing to produce both proangiogenic and antiangiogenic isoforms. Preferential splicing of proangiogenic VEGF is determined by serine-arginine protein kinase 1 (SRPK1), which is upregulated in a number of cancers. In the present study, we aimed to investigate SRPK1 expression in prostate(More)
AIMS There is increasing evidence of Gleason score (GS) drift in prostatic core biopsies during the last two decades. The ProtecT study is a randomized controlled study and provides an excellent cohort to study the effect of time, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level, perineural invasion, tumour length and age on GS. METHODS AND RESULTS The ProtecT study(More)
Gestational age (GA) and birth weight have been implicated in the determination of long-term health. It has been hypothesized that changes in DNA methylation may mediate these long-term effects. We obtained DNA methylation profiles from cord blood and peripheral blood at ages 7 and 17 in the same children from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and(More)
Serial measurements of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) are used as a biomarker for men diagnosed with prostate cancer following an active monitoring programme. Distinguishing pathological changes from natural age-related changes is not straightforward. Here, we compare four approaches to modelling age-related change in PSA with the aim of developing(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that in utero exposure to undernutrition and overnutrition might affect adiposity in later life. Epigenetic modification is suggested as a plausible mediating mechanism. METHODS We used multivariable linear regression and a negative control design to examine offspring epigenome-wide DNA methylation in relation to maternal and(More)
DNA methylation-based biomarkers of aging are highly correlated with actual age. Departures of methylation-estimated age from actual age can be used to define epigenetic measures of child development or age acceleration (AA) in adults. Very little is known about genetic or environmental determinants of these epigenetic measures of aging. We obtained DNA(More)
CONTEXT Many men with clinically localized prostate cancer are being monitored as part of active surveillance (AS) programs, but little is known about reasons for receiving radical treatment. OBJECTIVES A systematic review of the evidence about AS was undertaken, with a meta-analysis to identify predictors of radical treatment. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION A(More)
A growing body of research has implicated DNA methylation as a potential mediator of the effects of maternal smoking in pregnancy on offspring ill-health. Data were available from a UK birth cohort of children with DNA methylation measured at birth, age 7 and 17. One issue when analysing genome-wide DNA methylation data is the correlation of methylation(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there are differences in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels at diagnosis or changes in PSA levels between US and European populations of men with and without prostate cancer (PCa). SUBJECTS AND METHODS We analysed repeated measures of PSA from six clinically and geographically diverse cohorts of men: two cohorts with(More)