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Interest continues to gather in relation to the sociology of the body, gendered embodiment and the theoretical links between these in both health and ill-health contexts. However, the available empirical work that links embodiment, masculinities and health remains sparse. This paper presents secondary data analysis from an original study that aimed to(More)
BACKGROUND Community children's nursing services (CCNS) provides nursing and supportive care, ranging from relatively simple to highly technological interventions, to children and young people (0-18 years) within the family home. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to elicit the perspectives on and experiences about CCNS in England in relation to things(More)
The large GTPase dynamin, best known for its activities that remodel membranes during endocytosis, also regulates F-actin-rich structures, including podosomes, phagocytic cups, actin comet tails, subcortical ruffles, and stress fibers. The mechanisms by which dynamin regulates actin filaments are not known, but an emerging view is that dynamin influences(More)
The addition of sensors to wearable computers allows them to adapt their functions to more suit the activities and situation of their wearers. Here a wearable sensor badge is described constructed from (hard) electronic components, which can sense perambulatory activities for context-awareness. A wearable sensor jacket is described that uses advanced(More)
OBJECTIVES Around 1% of patients who have a hip replacement have deep prosthetic joint infection (PJI) afterwards. PJI is often treated with antibiotics plus a single revision operation (1-stage revision), or antibiotics plus a 2-stage revision process involving more than 1 operation. This study aimed to characterise the impact and experience of PJI and(More)
We present experimental measurements of the peak splitting of the reflection spectra of fiber Bragg gratings as a result of birefringence induced by transverse loading of a multicore fiber. Measurements show that the splitting is a function of the applied load and the direction of the load relative to the azimuth of the fiber. A model for calculating the(More)
To the best of our knowledge, transient deformations have been measured in real time with microsecond temporal resolution for the first time with speckle pattern interferometry. The short exposure period and high framing rate of a high-speed camera at as many as 40,500 frames per second allow low-power continuous-wave laser illumination and fiber-optic beam(More)
In light of the ambiguity of meanings attributed to the concept of stoicism we critically explore its use as a label to explain and describe health and illness behaviour, juxtaposing the often negative portrayals of contemporary stoicism against its classical and philosophical origins. By reflecting critically on the term 'stoicism', its application and(More)